Shuttleman Transportation
Low cost transportation for families, businesses, events, special occasions, tours, etc.
Large passenger vans to handle oversized luggage including dog kennels, cargo, snowboards, skis, etc.  
Door to Door ...... Arrange service at any location, incluing your home, hotel, cruise ship, train depot, JBER.






Q.  What does Shuttleman Transportation do?

A.  Provide pre-arranged ground transportation.  You choose the time and place.


Q.  Does Shuttleman Transportation provide service for Cruise Ship passengers?

A.  Yes!  Use ← QUICK QUOTE and receive a guaranteed flat rate.


Q.  What type of service is available?

A.  Shared Service. (may include waiting or stopping for other passengers) 

A.  Private Van Service. (direct, non-stop and private)

A.  Charter or Corporate trips. (flight crew, conventions, special events, tasks, etc)

A.  City or extended tours. (van and driver for as long as you like)


Q.  How can I arrange service?

A.  ← Simple ..... use our ← QUICK QUOTE!


Q.  Can I bring dog or cats?

A.  Yes, we love pets, however pets do need to travel in a kennel.


 Q.  Can I call to arrange service?

A.  No.  Reservations are done via email, that way we can provide the lowest rates possible.


Q.  Who are our customers?

A.  Anyone who needs to schedule ground transportation.

  • Airport Service = Local Residents
  • Hotel Service = Hotel guests
  • Rail Transfers = Alaska Railroad Depot
  • Ship Transfer = Cruise ship or Alaska Ferry passengers and crews
  • Military = Families and personnel
  • Government Contracts
  • Courier/Expedite Service = Medical/Business Clients
  • Worksite Transfer = Work Crews


Q.  How much does it cost?

A. ← Use our ← QUICK QUOTE!  


Q. Can I save money by taking a taxicab?

A. If you are traveling alone or with light luggage, you may save money by taking a taxi.


Q. Does Shuttleman provide taxicab or limousine service? No!

A. Our vehicles are too large to be considered taxis and too utilitarian to be limousines.  Our vehicles are designed to transport families or large groups or folks traveling with oversized luggage like pet kennels.  Unlike cabs or limos, you will always know your fare in advance.